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Join Us

We are always looking for new volunteers to join, participate and enhance our organizations. The organizations that run the Middlesex Fire Department don't accomplish things on their own. The organizations depend on the talent and life experience of all of our members. Won't you join us?

For an Application and More Information Call:

Thomas Mahaney - (585) 737-9093

Joining the Middlesex Hose Company

What Can I Do?

In your quest for membership with our organization you will have many choices to make about what kind of member you want to be. Some people don't want any part of the emergency response side of our organization - that's OK. There are plenty of other tasks that need to be accomplished including fund raising and administrative tasks. We have many social members that find all kinds of ways to help.

Want to be a firefighter or medical responder? Then the emergency response side of the organization is for you. You also will have a lot of latitude in deciding what kinds of tasks you complete on the fire ground.

Only want to operate trucks? Only want to respond to medical calls? Don't want to respond to any medical calls? Don't want to climb ladders? Don't want to go inside a burning house? Don't know where your comfort level is?

That's all OK - the officers and senior members can work with you to find your place and level of risk that you are comfortable with.


Becoming a Member

The Middlesex Hose Company is governed by a Constitution and By-Laws - this document outlines the organizational structure; including attainment of membership. A person must be 16 years of age or older to apply. A person may apply as an Active Class 1 member (a firefighter), an active Class 5 member (a medical responder) or an Active Class 2 member (a social member.)

To become a member of any class an applicant must:

  • Complete an Application for Membership.
  • Have a Medical Physical Form completed by a physician. (Costs for the physical are borne by the Middlesex Fire District.)
  • Submit the above Application for Membership, Physical Form and $3.00 annual dues.

After the above has been completed by the perspective member the organization will:

  • Submit applicants name for a criminal record check for arson convictions.
  • Schedule an interview with the applicant by the Investigation Committee.
  • The Investigation Committee will submit the application to the membership at large for consideration and review at the next monthly meeting.
  • The membership will vote on the submitted application the following monthly meeting.
  • If the application is dis-approved the applicant will receive a letter stating such and the $3.00 dues will be returned.
  • If the application is approved the applicant will receive a membership card.


I'm a member now what?

Social Members

If the application was for Active Class 2 membership (social member) the process stops here. You are welcome to participate in all the social activities, fund raisers, and monthly meetings of our organization.


Firefighters / Medical Responders

If the application was for Active Class 1 membership (firefighter) or Active Class 5 (medical responders) then the applicant must also:

  • Complete a basic firefighting class (for Active Class 1 members) - the current minimum training is "Scene Support and Operations" - these classes are scheduled regularly at fire stations in and around Yates County.
  • Compete a medical responder class (for Active Class 5 members) - the current minimum training is "Certified First Responder" - these classes are scheduled regularly at fire and ambulance stations in and around Yates County.
  • This basic training must be completed before the member may respond to emergency calls.
  • Attend at least 1 firematic drill each quarter, held every Monday night at the firehouse at 7pm.
  • As a newly trained firefighter shows interest and accepts responsibilities the fire chief may choose to issue the member a pager and other gear.

As a new Active Class 1 or Active Class 5 member applicants are strongly encouraged, but not required to:

  • Take more classes - these classes are scheduled regularly at fire stations in and around Yates County. The Middlesex Fire Department has at least one of these classes a year held at our fire station. The following is a partial list of these classes:
  • Firefighter I
  • Firefighter II
  • Certified First Responder
  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • SCBA Confidence
  • Apparatus Operator - Driver
  • Apparatus Operator - Pump
  • Fire Behavior and Arson Awareness
  • Auto Extrication
  • School Bus Rescue
  • Aircraft Fire / Rescue
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Ice / Cold Water Rescue
  • Fire Police
  • Basic Wildland Fire Suppression
  • Wildland Search and Rescue
  • Farmedic
  • Fire Officer
  • Firefighter Survival
  • Smoke Divers
  • Water Supply Operations
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