Founded in 1942, the Middlesex Fire Department provides fire protection, rescue, disaster and emergency medical first response services to the entire Town of Middlesex and, under contract, a small part of the Town of Italy. Our responsibilities include protecting our residents from all man-made and natural hazards, including fires, farm and motor vehicle accidents, woodland fires and all kinds of hazardous materials.

The district's operating territory consists of a one-quarter square mile hamlet, surrounded by 37 square miles of rural area with a population of 1,425 persons; it is located in Yates County in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. We have obtained an ISO rating of 5/9. The hamlet is served by a municipal water supply but the surrounding area depends on water sources throughout the district.

We work closely with our neighboring fire departments and rescue squads and maintain mutual-aid agreements with them in order to more quickly and efficiently provide assistance to each other during a response to a major disaster.  As a standard procedure, we also utilize them for extra man-power or water supply in the case of all structure fires.

We are primarily dispatched though the Yates County E911 Communication Center. They provide an Enhanced 911 call center with 2 to 4 dispatchers to handle emergency calls. E911 can help in the location of land based or cellular phones so that we may be able to better locate an emergency.

The Middlesex Fire Department is actually three separate organizations that work together very closely to provide services to the community we serve.


The Middlesex Hose Company was formed in 1942 this is a 501.3(c) non-profit corporation. This organization owns all facilities, buildings and property. This organization holds fund raising events throughout the year and an annual fund drive. The Hose Company uses these funds and rent funds received from the Middlesex Fire District to pay for utilities, maintenance and upkeep of the facilities. The Middlesex Hose Company meetings are held at the Middlesex Hose Co building on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm. The volunteer firefighters and firematic officers that staff the Middlesex Fire District owned fire apparatus are members of the Middlesex Hose Company. Firematic drills are held most every Monday night at 7pm. This is a private organization but we welcome anyone to come to a meeting or drill. We are always looking for new firefighters and social members. See our Join Us Page.


Established January 30, 1964, the Middlesex Sirenettes are a ladies auxiliary that supports the mission of the fire department by providing refreshments and occasionally hot meals to the firefighters after responding to major or prolonged incidents. The Sirenettes also support causes deemed worthy, hold fund raisers and help the Middlesex Hose Company during their fund raisers. The Middlesex Sirenettes meetings are held at the Middlesex Hose Co. building on the 1st Wednesday of every month at 7pm. This is a private organization but we welcome anyone to come to a meeting. We are always looking for new members.


The Middlesex Fire District is a fire district also established in 1942 under authority of Article 11, Section 170 of the New York State Town Law.  Per Section 174 of the New York State Town Law the fire district is governed by five elected fire commissioners and one elected treasurer and an appointed secretary. Each commissioner is elected to a five year term with one being elected every year during an election in December by the qualified voters of the Town of Middlesex. The fire district owns all the fire apparatus, firefighting and rescue equipment, turnout gear, emergency power station generator, firefighter pagers and radios. The fire district is responsible for the maintenance, supplies and procurement of this equipment, setting an annual budget and levying the necessary taxes to support that budget. The Middlesex Fire District rents space from the Middlesex Hose Company for the storage of District owned firefighting equipment and apparatus.


The Middlesex Fire District depends on the volunteer firefighters and firematic officers of the Middlesex Hose Company to respond to emergency calls with the District fire apparatus. The Middlesex Fire District meetings are held at the Middlesex Hose Co building on the Tuesday before the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7pm. These meetings are open to the public.



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